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Mrs Keane's Recommended Reads

Book 1 - Oi Frog

 My first recommended read is Oi Frog. Cat is busy telling the frog off, saying that the frog should sit on a log. Frog, however, refuses to sit on the log. This is a funny rhyming story that makes me laugh every time I read it. I wonder if the frog should just listen to the cat and sit on the log?

Book 2 - Cops and Robbers

A classic story about a group of robbers who plan a great toy robbery on Christmas Eve. Luckily, a brave policeman saves the day by capturing all of the robbers, all except for Grandma Swagg who manages to get away.

Book 3 - Man on the Moon

A funny story about a normal man who heads off to work every day. However, this is no ordinary job. Bob works on the moon; his job is to keep the moon clean and tidy and entertain any tourists who are passing by in space. Bob is absolutely certain that there is no such thing as aliens in space. I am not so sure he is right about that though!

Book 4 - How Do You Make a Rainbow

Stuck inside on a rainy day, a little girl asks her Grandad to help her to paint a rainbow in the sky. Being a wise man, her Grandad tells her that rainbows are not painted on the sky, but are grown out of love, kindness, hope and helping others. A heart-warming story, showing us all how to find colour and hope on even the darkest days.

Book 5 - Dear Greenpeace

My fifth recommended read is a lovely story of a girl called Emily who believes that she has spotted a whale in her garden pond. She writes letters to Greenpeace in order to find out what she needs to do to care for the whale. Greenpeace returns her letters with words of support and advice. Is it her imagination or do you really think there was a whale in her pond?

Book 6 - Good Little Wolf

A fun story, with an interesting twist on how you might normally think about a wolf character in a story. Can a wolf really be a good and kind friend to others? A lovely narrative, showing you that you shouldn't always judge a book by it's cover. 

Book 7 - The Elephant and the Bad Baby

A funny tale of an elephant who encounters a 'bad' baby. They go on an adventure together, meeting lots of different people and characters along the way. Do you think that they will behave or will they get up to lots of mischief?

Book 8 - Seal Surfer

A boy and his grandfather watch as a baby seal is born on the rocks near their home and from that day a special relationship is created. Despite his disability, the boy is a keen surfer, and he enjoys many afternoons surfing with the seals. One day,. however, he gets into trouble in rough seas, and the young seal saves him. A lovely story of the relationship between a young boy and a young seal. 


Book 9 - Pirate Mums

Billy's family is not what you would call ordinary. His mum's don't listen to NORMAL music. They love to sing sea shanties and dance jigs in their lounge. Their clothes are unusual, they have a rude pet parrot and their taste in house design is..... Fishy! 

Billy wishes his family could be more like everyone else's. That is until, a swashbuckling adventure changes everything. 


Book 10 - The Big Book of Blooms

A fabulous illustrated fact book all about flowers from around the world. This book as some amazing facts for children and answers questions from 'What does a Venus Flytrap eat?' to 'How strong is a Giant Water Lily?' 

Book 11 - Moonlight Zoo

A beautiful peep through-book, featuring a lovely story of Eva looking for her lost cat. She is taken on an exciting adventure through the Moonlight Zoo by a friendly wolf, meeting a host of different animals in her search for her missing cat. 

Book 12 - The Bear and the Piano

A heart-warming story about a talented, piano playing bear. The bear heads off to find fame and fortune but he soon misses his friends and decides to return to the forest. He worries that life will have moved on and his friends will have forgotten him. A beautiful ending to this story of friendship.