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Gallery of Excellence

Welcome to the Gallery of Excellence! 

This page is reserved exclusively for the most excellent achievements of Muskham Primary School pupils.  The successes of Head Teacher's Award winners are detailed below:   

An imaginative clay dragon's eye made with precision.

A really vivid poem about The Great Fire of London.

Budding authors, writing stories of dragons!

A superb written explanation of how to plant seeds.

Excellent knowledge of scale factors.

A moving story about the Ukraine people's plight written at home.

Division Queen.

Determined to use the whole tool box and write his best story ever!

Engrossed in his superb recount of 'Beauty and the Beast'.

The Ratio Queen.

Practising her tables every night with Dad.

Creative poetry with original similes.

Superb independent writing.

An amazing story.

An amazing score of 32,000 on Times Table Rockstars. A Muskham Record!

For using Mrs Crossland's favourite word (fortuitously), in an ingenious way.

The best explanation for multiplying by 10 & 100 ever!

An ingenious story with no mistakes!

Applied Mrs Crossland's favourite word (fortuitous) in his information text.

An amazing piece of independent writing.

An extremely exciting diary entry.

An outstanding poem.

Rounding difficult numbers.

Superb retellings of Dick Whittington.

A superb retelling of the story of Grace Darling.

Subtraction experts.

Superb independent writing.

An impressive Victorian letterbox made for home learning.

Superb learning outside school.

The 'Fraction Queen'.

A superbly structured discussion text on pirates.

The 'Fraction Queen'.

Ingenius reasoning.

A super investigator.

An archeaologist in the making.

Informative instructions for a pirate.

Creatively innovating the story of 'The three little pigs'.

Maths genius!

Creative jungle pictures.

Non-fiction detectives.

A tantalising description of why we should visit London.

A detailed description that was very well punctuated.

Superb independent work!

A very persuasive poster.

What a genius! Noah counted up to 520 in tens.

A methodical approach to tricky problems!

An original, creative art design in R.E.

Superb poster illustrating the features of Summer.

Highly-polished description of a pirate ship which included premiership punctuation.

Expertly written report on the 'Titanic'.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar with a difference!

Superb painting undertaken at home.

Formulating and interrogating weather data.

Extensive independent research.

A time lord!

Pursuing his interest in street art.

Phenomenal homework!

A fractions genius!

Exciting extended homework.

Detailed description of Queen Victoria using premiership language.

An artistic flair demonstrated in his Art Assessment.

Superb story setting written at home.

Interpreted a guided reading text superbly and summarized in picture form.

A huge amount of progress from their first write of a letter to their final write. Wow!

Y5's superb pulley constructions

Superb piece of writing with impressive punctuation and vocabulary

Detailed postcard from a WW2 fighter pilot

A detailed final draft of the 'Three little pigs'

An extremely scary story with a surprise ending!

An extremely well presented essay on whether children as young as 12 should be spies.

Exceptionally well written medieval narrative

A thrilling resolution to a well known story

Impressive description of Robin Hood

First person in class to achieve a pen licence

A magnificent model of a WW2 battlefield

Superb recognition of number patterns

Very well created and evaluated robots.

Superb progress in the learning of times tables.

A phenomenal amount of exemplary homework

Well composed story and beautiful handwriting

A wonderfully composed film narrative using premiership language

Superb division problem solving

Fabulously well-written writing about his school trip

Beautiful handwriting

Detailed explanation of how the 'Autochef' works

Two whole pages of independent writing with no mistakes!

Superb fantasy story using interesting frontal adverbials and verbs

Superb non-chronological report on mystical beasts

Excellent independent writing - instructions for the rainbow fish

Super concentration on time work

Gradual improvements to their drawing of a butterfly through careful observation and analysis.

Represented a number sentence as a number line, number bond and story. A true teacher!

Tricky fraction problems

Fantastic fractions work

Superb comic strip-like artwork

Excellent re-drafting devices.

Detailed fact file on Mount Fuji.

A very persuasive estate agent's advert.

A perimeter genius!

Very exciting story plan for Traction Man!

Superb model of a Rain-forest.

Detailed recount of a Greek Myth.

An emotive acrostic poem on empathy.

Thorough, well spelt list of things needed for a bear hunt.

Superb descriptions of a wood using 'premiership' language.

Finding possible calculations which fit an answer.

A powerful description quote: 'The cold wind slapped me like and icy hand groping for a warm drink'.

Fantastic spelling of tricky words.

Fantastic systematic working to solve a maths problem.

A superb description written independently.

Excellent writing in Phonics

Amazing retelling of 'The Lighthouse'

Converting Fractions into decimals.

Excellent play script

An extremely well-written, humorous letter of complaint!

Superb description of Goldilocks with all the full stops in the right place.

Vivid imagery for a war poem.

Excellent writing describing a visit to the moon.

Fabulous writing describing an exciting destination.

Accurate solving of number problems

Outstanding description of a cottage scene

Fantastic spellings in their firework writing

Amazing algebra with negative numbers

Accuracy with tricky fractions

Amazing description of Boudica with superb sentence starts and similes.

Accurate decomposition work in maths

Amazing phonics work

Superb Place Value work

Excellent independent writing

Excellent personification in a narrative.

Excellent Maths

Excellent personal research at home - Sea Creatures at Alton Towers

Excellent Phonics

Excellent independant maths

Excellent maths and english

Excellent retelling of a Greek myth

Excellent problem solving with money

Excellent persuasive letter to Homebase

Excellent diary entry

Excellent and detailed pictures of bluebells

Excellent research into Pandas

Excellent well illustrated and explained diagram of a potato plant.

Excellent description of an endangered animal

Excellent maths

Excellent SPAG work

Excellent working of difficult division problems

Excellent instructions to make a sandwich

Excellent explanation of a cress investigation

Excellent invention of own similies

Excellent description of rivers

Excellent multiplication arrays

Excellent narrative

Excellent dividing of fractions

Excellent subtractions

Excellent setting description of Hogwarts

Excellent and precise handwriting

Excellence in difficult time problems

Excellent number bonds

Excellent maths

Excellent report writing

Excellent story writing

Excellent partitioning in maths

Excellent description of a rainforest

Excellent Artwork

Excellent description of a painting

Excellent number work

Excellent writing

Excellent Eygptology

Excellent Recounting

Excellent writing

Excellent work in Areas

Excellent writing

Excellent English

Excellent Handwriting

Excellent Homework

Excellent R.E.

Excellent writing

Excellent writing

Excellent maths

Excellent writing

Excellent maths

Excellent handwriting

Excellent writing

Excellent topic work

Excellent Poetry

Excellent handwriting

Excellent maths

Excellent Decimals

Excellent handwriting

Excellent writing

Excellent handwriting

Excellent Maths

Excellent Art

Governors' Award for Excellence

Award for Attendance

Excellent Topic work

Excellent maths

Excellent writing

Excellent writing

Excellent maths

Excellent topic work

Excellent maths

Excellent writing

Excellent writing

Excellent reasoning

Excellent dragon story

Excellent handwriting

Excellent English

Excellent poetry

Excellence in Maths

Excellence in writing

Excellent Writing

Excellent writing

Excellent Maths

Excellent Science

Excellent English

Excellent writing - St George and the Dragon Story

Excellence in Maths

Excellent maths (and costume for STEM day!)

Excellent writing

Excellent maths problem solving

Excellent writing

Excellent times tables

Excellent writing

Excellent maths

Excellent topic work

Excellent writing

Excellent writing

Excellent computer designed patterns

Excellent topic about India

Excellent writing

Excellence in mathematical problem solving

Excellent writing

Excellence in science

Excellent writing

Excellent writing

Excellent writing

Excellent maths

Excellent writing

Excellent story writing

Excellence in Maths

Excellence in Maths

Excellence in Computing

Excellence in writing

Excellence in writing

Excellence in Maths

Excellence in writing

Excellence in RE

Excellent DARE reports

Excellence in spelling

Excellence in descriptive writing

Excellence in adding fractions

Excellence in writing

Excellence in maths

Excellent writing

Excellence in writing

Excellence in writing

Excellence in writing

Excellent art

Excellence in writing

Excellent 3D Sculpture

Excellent Science work

Excellent habitat learning

Excellence in independent writing

Excellent Adverts

Excellent handwriting

Excellence in sentence writing

Excellence in Maths