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Development Plan

The School Development Plan is the document which drives ongoing improvements in school.  The Governing Body is responsible for evaluating the progress made against the Plan and has an approved mechanism in place for regular effective monitoring. 

During the school year 2022 - 2023, the priorities for focused development in school will be:



Priority 1:   To improve the teaching and learning of Reading across school.   


  1. To implement the Essential Letters and Sounds phonics programme in Year 1 and Foundation.
  2. To ensure each child’s individual reading book matches their ability.
  3. To develop a culture of reading for pleasure.
  4. To develop the teaching of whole class guided reading across KS2.
  5. To improve reading outcomes across school.


Priority 2:  To develop and refine our practice in writing


  1. To have formal testing procedures for spelling in place
  2. To implement a new spelling scheme.
  3. To improve the strategy and approach to spelling homework
  4. To improve the effectiveness of writing interventions 
  5. To ensure that high standards in handwriting are maintained throughout school
  6. To refine our use of terminology in the teaching of Grammar, and associated colour system.
  7. To develop further our assessment of writing through writing moderation



Priority 3: To develop and refine our practice in Maths


  1. To develop the effective use of practical maths
  2. To develop the effectiveness of Teaching Assistants.
  3. To have an effective policy to in place on the use of models, images and manipulatives.
  4. To enhance the effectiveness of interventions. 
  5. To reduce the progress gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged children.
  6. To provide an accessible way for parents/carers to find information on the school’s approach to teaching Maths.


Priority 4:  To continue to develop effective subject leadership and enhance the school curriculum.


  1. To have a written agreement of the Intent & Implementation of each subject.
  2. To monitor, evaluate and review the curriculum through ‘deep dive’ activities.
  3. To utilise the monitoring activities to record the Impact of the curriculum.
  4. To have assessment systems in place for all subjects.
  5. To confirm the vocabulary list for each step of the curriculum
  6. To re-organise the presentation of the school curriculum
  7. To develop an effective subject leaders’ network.