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Development Plan

The School Development Plan is the document which drives ongoing improvements in school.  The Governing Body is responsible for evaluating the progress made against the Plan and has an approved mechanism in place for regular effective monitoring. 


1)  To sustain & build upon the momentum of improving Reading across school.

2)  To ensure that children assessed as high attainers at KS1/or in Year 5 attain a level of GD at the end of KS2

3) To increase the percentage of children attaining ELG secure in Reading – word recognition and comprehension

4)To accelerate the progress of the Year 1 children who did not attain ELG secure in Reading – word recognition and comprehension

5) To complete the Reading Response Pathway



6) To sustain and build upon last year’s accelerated progress  throughout school

7) To ensure accurate assessments of writing


Non-Core Subjects

8) To ensure full coverage of the Technolgy curriculum and high standards of teaching and learning.

9).To ensure full coverage of the Design & Technology Curriculum and high standards of teaching and learning.



Behaviour & Attitudes (To achieve Outstanding)

10) To ensure that our high expectations for behaviour and conduct are commonly understood and applied consistently & fairly, and that pupils follow appropriate routines.

11) To ensure that effective, early intervention is put into place for all children who demonstrate a lack of self-control

12)To ensure that pupils actively support the wellbeing of other pupils; to facilitate children playing a highly positive role in creating a school environment in which commonalities are identified and celebrated , and difference is valued and nurtured.


Personal Development

13)To ensure the choice of books reflect equality of opportunity and diversity effectively.

14)To review the wider curriculum’s promotion of equality and diversity and ensure as effective as possible.


Leadership & Management

15)o increase the number on roll for 2024-25

16)To engage further with pupils, parents and the wider community;

17)To build greater capacity in the governing body; to continue to develop the governor’s understanding of their role.

18) To continue to develop effective subject leadership and prepare subject leaders for Ofsted deep dives.