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Development Plan

The School Development Plan is the document which drives ongoing improvements in school.  The Governing Body is responsible for evaluating the progress made against the Plan and has an approved mechanism in place for regular effective monitoring. 


During the school year 2018 - 2019, the priorities for focused development in school will be:


Priority 1:  To improve practice in Gymnastics and raise its profile within school:


  1. To acquire appropriate equipment for floor and apparatus work
  2. To improve staff’s subject knowledge of gymnastics and implement a consistent approach
  3. To formulate an assessment task to track progress through school.


Priority 2: To further embed and develop shared writing and guided reading within school:


  1. To further develop staff’s subject knowledge of shared writing and implement a consistent approach across the school (the Talk for Writing strategy)
  2. To develop the use of high-impact activities undertaken during Guided Reading
  3. To devise a consistent approach to preparing children for reading assessment tests
  4. To continue to develop the use of the Switch-On Reading programme within school


Priority 3:  To develop practice in the  teaching and learning of Science:


  1. To develop science-specific teacher feedback
  2. To develop questioning techniques which stimulate thought and reasoning.
  3. To develop appropriate differentiation in enquiry-based learning.
  4. To devise and implement an assessment system
  5. To develop staff confidence and implement a consistent approach to the teaching of science.


Priority 4:  Foundation Unit: To develop the outside learning environment and continuous provision


  1. To develop a safe outside environment which is conducive to  exemplary outdoor education;
  2. To develop the staff’s knowledge and expertise in delivering outdoor education including continuous provision.
  3. To develop an effective timetable to enable children to access high-quality outdoor education and continuous provision


Priority 5: To develop the management and leadership structure

  1. Develop the capacity of  middle and senior management
  2. Finalise a new Governing Body structure
  3. Develop collaborations and possibly a formal collaboration.


During 2015 - 2016, the following priorities were successfully addressed:


Priority 1: Improve the achievement of pupils by:

  • A) developing the role and effectiveness of teaching assistants
  • B) establishing leadership of the learning of the most able pupils
  • C) embedding assessment without levels


Priority 2: Improve the quality of teaching by:

  • A) engaging teachers in nationally recognised development programs and disseminating content
  • B) developing the Mathematics curriculum alongside a consistent approach to pedagogy and the dissemination of CPD
  • C) supporting teachers working in key stages previously not taught
  • D) further developing and embedding SPaG

Priority 3: Improve pupils’ attitudes to learning by:

  • A) embedding developments made in EYFS provision
  • B) developing EYFS Characteristics of Effective Learning across Key Stages 1 and 2
  • C) creating a cohesive and balanced approach to curriculum structure and delivery

Priority 4: Improve the impact of leadership by:

  • A) further developing the capacity of the Governing Body
  • B) developing the role of the School Business Manager
  • C) growing the capacity of middle leaders
  • D) developing the role and impact of subject leaders
  • E) developing the role and impact of post-threshold teachers
  • F) developing the capacity of the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher