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Development Plan

The School Development Plan is the document which drives ongoing improvements in school.  The Governing Body is responsible for evaluating the progress made against the Plan and has an approved mechanism in place for regular effective monitoring. 

During the school year 2020 - 2021, the priorities for focused development in school will be:


Priority 1:   To improve achievement in English through accelerated progress.


  1. To create a tailor-made curriculum programme to enable children to catch up on missed and forgotten learning.
  2. To develop staff’s own subject knowledge in writing.
  3. To sustain and develop good practice in the teaching of writing.
  4. To develop effective feedback to enhance learning.
  5. To develop practice in Guided reading strategies
  6. To develop intervention programmes.


Priority 2: To improve achievement of pupils in maths through accelerated progress.


  1.  To create a tailor-made curriculum programme to enable children to catch up on missed and forgotten learning.
  2.  To improve children’s ability to tackle problem-solving tasks
  3.  To enable high achievers at the end of KS1 to attain ‘greater depth’ in the KS2 SAT’s
  4.  To provide key information and resources to parents
  5.  To develop the maths curriculum in F2  


Priority 3: To implement the RSHE curriculum


  1. To develop a RSHE curriculum
  2. To develop a RHSE policy
  3. To develop staff knowledge on the teaching of the new curriculum
  4. To ensure teaching of the new curriculum has begun by Summer 1




   Priority 4a:  To build an effective organizational structure in response to COVID -19


  1. To create an up to date Risk Assessment with appropriate actions, facilitating effective teaching and learning, whilst keeping children and staff as safe as possible.
  2. To provide increased support for NQT’s and RQT’s who were unable to complete their training.
  3. To expand our intervention capability through staffing and timetabling expansion.
  4. To develop the capacity and impact of interventions by teachers and T.A’s
  5. To facilitate optimum parental engagement with the school within the DfE’s guidelines for interaction with parents


   Priority 4b:  To develop and implement a school strategy for remote or blended learning in the event of a positive COVID-19 test requiring individuals to self-isolate.


  1. To ensure that the appropriate infrastructure is in place to allow remote learning.
  2. To develop staff knowledge and understanding of the school’s approach to blended learning.
  3. To engage parents and carers with the school’s approach to blended learning.
  4. To equip the children with the necessary skills needed to access a remote learning programme.