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Securing a place at Muskham Primary School

Admissions to Muskham Primary School are awarded in line with equality legislation, irrespective of sex, race, special educational need, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, pregnancy or maternity of parents, carers or the child. 

Delayed School Admissions for Summer born pupils

Nottinghamshire County Council manages all other admissions to our school.  We plan to admit 30 pupils in each year group.  The link and papers below will help you register for a school place with us or enable you to appeal an admissions decision. 

Moving on to secondary school from Muskham Primary. 


Muskham Primary School is within the Tuxford Family of Schools.  Although most of our Year 6 pupils move on to Tuxford Academy, parents may express a preference for a place at any Secondary School (including Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire Grammar Schools) when they apply for a Year 7 place for their child. 


As a Tuxford Family School, when Year 7 places are oversubscribed at Tuxford Academy, children who live outside the catchment area but who are attending our school on the closing date for applications have higher priority than those who live outside the catchment area and attend a non-Tuxford Family School. 


Full details of the admissions arrangements for Tuxford Academy can be found on their website