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Medicines in School


If your child's medicine HAS to be taken during the school day (i.e. you would have to keep them at home if the medicine could not be taken at school), you must complete and return this form:




If your child has a long-term health condition and you would like them to take control of their own health condition (for example asthma inhalers, diabetes blood sugar testing), you must complete and return this form if they are to be allowed to manage their own medication:




Muskham Primary School has adopted a revised Administration of Medicines Policy to reinforce the safeguarding of your child receiving medication and of the staff asked to administer the medication. 


The complete policy is available on the Policies page.


In summary:


  • it is always better if medicines can be administered at home when that is possible;


  • medicines prescribed by your medical practitioner will be administered at school;


  • ‘over the counter’ medication suitable for the child’s age will be administered at school only if it is going to enable their attendance at school;


  • no medication will be administered unless the school has a properly completed and signed Request Form for each day you need the medication administered (available on the school website or from the school office);


  • the medication is supplied to school in its original container, labelled with the child’s name and in date and handed by the parent/carer to the class teacher, assistant or to the school office;


  • it is understood and accepted that the parent/carer is responsible for the selection of the medication and knows that it will not react badly with any other medication the child is taking.  School staff are not medically qualified to choose medication for your child; and


  • remaining medication must be collected from school at the end of the day.