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Developing your child as a learner

Life in school can be a very different experience to what children are used to at home.  This difference can be a great thing which enables a child to blossom as an individual - as long as parents and teachers understand each other well.

Below are useful fact sheets which help parents to understand some of the key aspects of school life and also give pointers as to how you can support your child in being successful in their learning whilst at home. 

Did you know:
- Children who believe that their parents think 'school is great' automatically do better in class.
- Children need between 11.5 hours sleep (aged 4) and 9.5 hours sleep (aged 11) in order to control their own behaviour properly in school. 
- Children who don't have breakfast struggle to concentrate and do less well in assessments and SATs as a result.  They are also more likely to be overweight as they make up for missing breakfast by eating in the evening - the time that the body doesn't need energy so 'stores' it as fat. 
- Teachers must behave as would a "reasonable" parent.  Children who see that their parent disagrees with their teacher misbehave in the same way as when they see two parents arguing.