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The results are in......

Yesterday the students of Muskham Primary held their own election, with Year 6 pupils standing in the Purple, Pink, Grey and Orange parties. Manifestos were presented and election campaigns have taken place throughout the week and today the results are in....the Pink party were victorious. Congratulations to the Pink party and well done to all of Year 6. The election generated some great conversations throughout the school and we are proud of all the children for getting involved. Please see the Pink party's manifesto below.


Pink Party Manifesto



This is the Pink party’s manifesto – Please vote for us.


Education – We pledge to do the following:


  • We will spend £10 million on training more teachers and teaching assistants to reduce class sizes and for children to have the best education they can!
  • We also want every child to have a free school dinner. We will raise taxes by 15% to all big companies who make more than £100 million a year to make free school dinners available. We will also make vegetable patches in primary school. Once this happened taxes will lower.


Health & Social Care – We pledge to do the following:


  • £10 million is what we will spend to train extra doctors and nurses to help people in serious need. The money will also come from bigger companies’ taxes.
  • We also promise to spend £100 thousand on hospital beds as there isn’t enough at the moment.


Law & Order – We pledge to do the following:


  • We are going to improve police officers’ ability and train new ones, also with the money from bigger companies.
  • We also promise to make officers more aware of knife crime as it is a big problem at the moment.


Tax & Spending – We pledge to do the following:


  • We will raise individual taxes by 5%, but only to people who earn more than £500 thousand.


Environment – We pledge to do the following:


  • We will plant a new tree with every £50 a person gives their Eco group.
  • We are also going to create a group in most communities called the Eco group.


The Pink Party – Skye, Daisy, Caitlin, Erin, Lola, Zofia and Freya