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S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

We celebrated STEM day with gusto!

The Foundation Unit made slime, and using coca-cola they made a huge explosion which made everyone laugh.

Year 1 were Development Scientists for the day. Firstly they had to do some market research on different perfumes and then they developed their own using a range of very interesting ingredients. They even designed some  expensive-looking bottles to hold their perfumes. Watch out for these in the shops everyone!

Year 2 investigated how to keep divers warm. For this, they had to make sure they developed a fair test using some very sophisticated scientific equipment.  They were stunned to find that bubble wrap was the best insulator.  

Year 3 investigated how light reflected on different materials and applied their knowledge to design some very cool and  effective school bags.

Year 4 had to be particularly brave as they found a range of  minibeasts and then analysed them. By the end of the day the children had become quite attached to their new friends!

Year 5 investigated a crime. To do this they had to analyse finger prints, hair and  handwriting; they also performed a fluid analysis on clothes. All the clues led them to Miss Saxelby, who we will be watching very carefully from now on.

Year 6 Investigated balloons: how to inflate and deflate using different temperatures of water and coca-cola. They also investigated how to place pins into balloons without making them pop. In our assembly they looked like magicians!