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Outstanding Behaviour and Welfare!

School Behaviour and Welfare Survey Results


This week, each class's Learning Council representatives took part in an activity to grade the behaviour and welfare of our school's pupils.  Although they didn't realise it, the statements that they were choosing from had been lifted from Ofsted's inspection criteria!  This meant that the pupils were judging the school's success rate just as inspectors would... 


The pupils' final judgement was:
72% Outstanding
- including excellent attitudes to learning, pride in achievements, respect for others, no bad language, no bullying, feeling really safe, trusting adults, being healthy, staying safe online, being thoughtful and caring.

17% Good - including learning from the consequences of being caught misbehaving and how their families talk about how good their school is.

11% Requires Improvement - including pupils being late and so disrupting everyone else's learning, and pupils forgetting to bring things they need such as homework or PE Kit from home.