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Welcome back to a new school year!


I have been really impressed by the purposeful start to the school year. Staff and children alike are raring to get on and the atmosphere around school really reflects this. 


Our Foundation children have enjoyed their first few days of school with Mrs Bradley and, although tired from so much thinking, have been very animated, explaining lots to me each time I visit!  I was really impressed by their concentration in "big assembly" too!


Class 1 seem scarily ready for the more directed learning of Key Stage 1 and Mrs Tansley has been really impressed with their resilience and focus as they've sat down to "work".  Equally, Class 2 seem to be ready for Key Stage 2 already, with Mrs Marvin and Mrs Crossland both enjoying seeing the high standards that they are capable of achieving. 


In Key Stage 2 (Classes 3 and up), the children have been telling me that they can "feel the difference" in their new classes; that the work is a bit harder and there is a lot expected of them.  I am also delighted that they are telling me that they like their new teachers, that they are learning lots already and (very importantly) that they know they will enjoy achieving a lot this year.  The "heads down and working hard" that I saw in all of these classes today certainly demonstrated this!


Our two site 'additions' are worth writing about before I sign off for the weekend.  Firstly, our willow next to Class 1 is currently housing many hundreds of blackfly... In turn these are attracting many tens of wasps who are enjoying the "all you can eat buffet" on offer!  As it is the end of the wasps' active season, we hope that they will have returned to their nest (which is not on our site or else we could treat it) as quickly as possible so that we can reopen the rear entrance into the building!

Secondly, we are really pleased with how our new Library is working for us - in fact it looks like it was "meant to be".  Here are some photos of the new look: