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Welcome back Miss Pimperton

I am pleased to be able to tell you that Miss Francine Pimperton will be returning to work with Class 5 from next week.  Miss Pimperton will be undertaking a “phased return”, building up to her expected teaching commitment of 2.5 days per week over the period to April 24th. 

As when Mrs Marvin returned to work, Miss Pimperton will join the class as an additional teacher.  This arrangement has been funded by Nottinghamshire County Council in recognition of the difficult circumstances that Class 5 has experienced. 


The intended teaching arrangement is:

- Mrs Marvin and Mrs Carroll will teach the first half of each week; Mrs Marvin will continue to lead and Mrs Carroll will continue to provide the targeted support and intervention needed to close identified gaps in the learning of individuals and groups of pupils. 

- Mrs Thacker and Miss Pimperton will teach the latter half of each week.  They intend to “team-teach” the class, providing a “double-act” teaching arrangement with both teachers supporting all children equally throughout each lesson. 

- Mrs Fryer will continue to provide Teaching Assistant support to the class.


Providing an overall adult to pupil ratio of 1 to 7 for the rest of the school year, I again share my confidence that this solution is the very best offer for Class 5 as they prepare for high achievement in Year 6. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.