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Seeing the Flying Scotsman

On Thursday the whole school walked round to the crossing at South Muskham to see the historic "Flying Scotsman" on its journey from London to York. 


Being part of such a huge public event was a great experience for the children and we were delighted that we could take part at a such a local level.  The Newark Advertiser ran a detailed piece which also includes an interview with our very own Steven from Class 6! You can see the online article here


I was particularly proud to receive an inbox full of praise for our staff and pupils from members of the public following the event.  To be able to take over 180 under-12s out and receive comments such as those below is a real testament to the high standards our staff and children have; well done to absolutely everyone.


I was at South Muskham today for Flying Scotsman and found myself surrounded by your wonderful teachers and kids!  The kids were an absolute credit to the school and I enjoyed talking to both staff and kids who asked some wonderful questions about the train, photography and.... well all manner of train related things.


We were very impressed by the behaviour of the pupils as they waited for the train, and also by the care taken by the staff to ensure that the pupils did not accidentally knock our steps.

The children were a credit to the school. The thought of that many children did for a while, fill me with worry as the younger ones may get bored, but they did as they were told when asked to do anything by those in charge of them.