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Mrs Power is moving on...


Dear Parents and Carers of Class 4,


Re: Class 4 Teacher, Summer Term


I am writing to inform you that Mrs Power will sadly be leaving Muskham Primary School at Easter. 


Many of you will know of the national-level development work that Mrs Power has been engaged in as a nationally recognised Specialist Leader of Education in Primary English as well as her work with trainee teachers and newly qualified colleagues both at Muskham and within Tuxford’s Trent Valley Alliance.  Her expertise in these fields has led to an exciting next step for Mrs Power’s career as she takes up the position of ‘Lecturer in Primary Education’ at Nottingham Trent University.  


I am delighted to tell you that Mrs Rachel Hill and Mrs Karen Robinson have agreed to job share Class 4 for the remainder of the year.  Mrs Hill and Mrs Robinson are already working with Class 4 and will continue to work alongside Mrs Power for the next month.  This will ensure a smooth and purposeful transition between the teachers which is intended to create seamless provision for the children as they move towards Year 5. 


Mrs Hill and Mrs Robinson have already begun to make plans for the Summer Term and are very much looking forward to meeting you.  Both teachers will be available in Class 4 after school tomorrow (Tuesday 10th March) should you wish to call in and meet them both informally. 


I am confident that this solution is the very best possible offer for Class 4; should you have any questions or concerns however, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.