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Enablers' day

Today we have been developing our ability to be optimistic and practising our skills in independence, concentrating on the theme of the environment. The whole school examined how we can be more environmentally friendly by recycling, re-using and living differently; this involved recreating certain types of materials and designing structures which could help the environment to be safer and healthier.

Foundation looked at Under the Sea and made stunning pieces of art by re-using milk bottle tops and vegetable nets. 

Yr 1 discussed how to live a more environmentally-friendly life and designed and made a bin which separates recyclable from non-recyclable materials

Yr 2 re-used plastic items from the bin by making  items such as a small greenhouse, a timer and even clothes!

Year 3 focused on the damaging effects of deforestation. Reading the book, ‘Imagine you are an orang-utan’, they wrote creative and empathetic descriptions of life in the rainforest, and created art inspired by the illustrations.

Yr 4 undertook an audit of the use of single- use plastics in school. This led to the children writing a letter to the Headteacher with suggestions on how we can improve!

Yr 5 investigated why birds eat plastic instead of food, and created biodegradable alternatives to plastic using food.

Yr 6 examined their carbon footprint and how to reduce it. They researched the Chernobyl disaster and its effects, designing a new cover for the nuclear plant.

A hugely fun day, developing our optimism and independence whilst learning to live in a way that will benefit all.