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Enablers Day photos

Enablers Day 16 October 2017

Today the children carried out several tasks that would employ the Enabling skills of questioning and creativity.

Foundation worked hard to create wardrobes for Super Girl who was visiting a hot country and Iron Man who was travelling to a colder climate. Also, they were tasked with building a bridge using crates so that Mrs Gibson could cross the playground without getting her shoes dirty!

Class One were in teams working out how to cross the hall on lily pads. They were not allowed to touch the floor, and they only had 3 lily pads!

Class Two were tasked with designing and building a new chair for Freddy Fox. The only resources allowed were paper, paperclips and Sellotape. They worked in teams to determine what shapes would provide a strong structure. The winning design consisted of several rolled paper tubes covered in paper.

Class Three questioned the origin of some Egyptian artefacts, what they could have been and whether they could be put to a different use.  Also, in teams, they were given a budget of £5 to ‘buy’ resources from the design store. Working out how to spend their money on materials that would build a shelter for a family whose house had been mistakenly destroyed by The Iron Man. Various materials were on sale, from cardboard to bin liners. They had to decide how to spend their money wisely.

Class Four made mirrored patterns in blocks, working out how to use single and multiple colours to create symmetrical patterns. Also they were tasked with finding out about Roman artefacts, utilising a system of questioning that would determine how it was made and its potential use.

Class Five where divided into teams and challenged with making a tower of paper that involved no glue to hold it together. The boy’s team won, however the girls were commended as every time their design failed to stand they adapted the design to improve it. Following on from this was constructing a bridge across the gap between two tables. Utilising the skills learn from the towers they found out whether the same structure would hold equally well when horizontal.

Class Six were given some bizarre materials with which to build a bomb shelter. With only spaghetti and marshmallows the results were ingenious! From delicate elemental structures to more robust fortresses.