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Cakes for sale

Thank you Darcy for the delicious cakes you baked at home! We all thoroughly enjoyed building a bakery for you to sell them.

We practised our manners lining up, asking politely for the cake we would like and using money.  

We used the construction materials to make places to sit and eat.

Fire Safety

We thought about the dangers that come with bonfires and fireworks and talked about how we can be safe.

We enjoyed practising STOP, DROP AND ROLL.

Fire work and bonfire celebrations

After listening to the story of Guy Fawkes, we understood why we celebrate Bonfire night. We thought about how we celebrate it and had brilliant fun creating our own bonfire night!


We have had fun:

  • creating rockets with our craft materials,
  • building mini bonfires in the learning garden using twigs we found
  • using materials to create streamers for firework inspired dancing
  • creating posters, price tags and decorations for our outdoor firework shop
  • role playing 'shops' 


This half term, we are focusing on our gymnastic skills in PE. We have been developing and exploring different ways to travel under, over and through apparatus. We have become really confident in picking a safe way to travel and weighing up the risks when using our gym equipment!

Phase 2 Phonics

We have been practising our Phase 2 phonemes! We have become really confident at hearing the initial sounds in words and matching them with the corresponding grapheme. We are also becoming more confident when writing the graphemes!

Positional Language

We have enjoyed playing a game of 'Hide and Seek' in our learning garden! We thought about where we were hiding and used positional language to explain our hiding place to our friends.

  • Under / Below
  • On top / Above
  • Next to
  • In front of
  • Behind
  • In

Conker Racing

We have found lots of conkers over the past week. We enjoyed making a race track for them and seeing who's conker would roll the furthest.

Autumn Walk

We enjoyed going on a walk this week and looking for signs of Autumn. We talked about how we know it's Autumn and what we would expect to see. We were able to tick what we had seen and worked with a partner!

The Enablers

Today, we were introduced to our school 'Enablers'. They are owls who have special qualities and skills; Perseverance, Optimism, Creativity, Empathy and Questioning. We thought they were superhero qualities! 

Together, we each designed and created our own superhero cape just like the Enablers. We saw lots of examples of Perseverance, Optimism, Creativity, Empathy and Questioning as we made our capes. Using scissors is challenging!


The Enablers

Our first day pictures