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Week Commencing 14.12.20


This week we have been enjoying all things Christmas! 


In Literacy, we have enjoyed listening to the story 'The Snowman'. We have thought about the main characters and how James needed to show Santa that he was grateful for the gifts he had received. Putting ourselves in James' position, we created a story map of a letter to Santa to say thank you. We then thought about all the lovely gifts we had received from Santa and created our own personal story maps. 

We have worked really hard to write words in our thank you cards including who our letter is to, the item we want to say thank you for and who the letter is from. 


We have also been addressing our Christmas cards, that we designed in Art, to our families.


In Maths, we have been covering 'more and less than'. 


There was a snowball fight between the elves in Lapland and they needed our help to find out which elf had thrown 'more' snowballs. We counted the snowballs they had each thrown and created a tally chart. We then worked out which elf had thrown more snowballs and they were announced the winner!


Decorating Christmas biscuits, we had to make sure they fit a specific criteria (as elves can't have too much sugar on their biscuits!) Counting carefully, we made sure our biscuits had no more than 11 decorations on. Afterwards, we enjoyed eating our delicious creations. 


In Topic, we had a tricky challenge! We had to get the polar animals out from a frozen glacier in which they were stuck. As a team, we discussed methods which could free the frozen animals. Here were some of the ideas shared:

  • 'We could put the glacier on the beach where it's hot.'
  • 'We could put the glacier in the oven.'
  • 'We could pour hot water over the glacier.'
  • 'We could throw the glacier against the ground and smash it open.'
  • 'We could use something sharp to smash it'
  • 'We could use a pick axe to break the glacier.'
  • 'We could put sand on it to melt it'


Making Christmas Biscuits with 'less than' 11 decorations

Rescuing the penguins from the glacier

Christmas Jumper Day


We thoroughly enjoyed Christmas Jumper day in Foundation! 

We enjoyed showing our jumpers to each other and we designed our own Christmas jumpers for 2021. 


Santa sent us a letter to tell us about a problem he was facing in Lapland. He needs 'more than' 8 bags of magic sleigh dust to ensure his sleigh can take off and make it around the world in 1 night. His sneaky elves had lost some of the magic dust. Thankfully, Foundation were keen to help! We spent the morning looking for enough magic sleigh dust to power the sleigh!


We found more than enough and Santa was very grateful. Well done!



Christmas Jumper Day 2020

Christmas Nativity


Foundation have been working really hard preparing for their first Muskham Nativity play. 

We would like to thank you for the wonderful costumes that you provided and your support throughout. We cannot wait to share our 'nativity with a twist' with you soon. 

In the meantime, here are some photos taken during the filming.

We had a blast decorating our 'human Christmas trees'.

Who has more tinsel? Who has less?

A crime has been committed in Foundation!


We came into Foundation to find that the Numicon had been raided and the classroom was a real mess! After looking through the CCTV, we found the culprit... GERALDINE!

We just couldn't believe she had been so naughty. Not only did she make a mess, she took a piece of Numicon from the baseboard. 


We had a look at the board and the shape that was left. We studied the Numicon carefully to workout which pieces she could have taken. Our mystery was solved when we managed to work out the multiple possible answers.


Well done Foundation for solving the crime!

Spooky Week


Things have got a little spooky in FS2 this week...

We have been making potions, using our wands to make cast 'sound spells', used tweezers to get numicon out of the spiders web, counted spiders out of spider webs and much more!

A WOW week!


We have had another wonderful week in Foundation!


In Phonics, we have practised the sounds g, o, c and k.


In Literacy, we have been reading 'Mrs Armitage on wheels'. We have enjoyed listening to all the strange items Mrs Armitage has added to her bike! We have chosen props to retell the story to others and created our very own story maps.

We thought about what we would put on our bike. 

Some of the amazing suggestions Foundation came up with included:

  • A turbo engine
  • Super grips
  • A seat for a baby doll
  • A nest for a dinosaur
  • Rainbow wings


In Maths, we have been exploring 2D shapes. 

We have learnt the names and properties of the circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, semi-circle and star.

To challenge ourselves further, we began to explore pentagons, hexagons and octagons. We slid our fingers along the sides to count them. We compared shapes and thought about their similarities and differences. 

We've made shapes with play-doh, created rocket by tracing shapes, played snap, buried shapes in sand, gone to look for shapes in the environment and created lunch boxes for our picky shape monsters (did you know they'll only eat shapes with a certain amount of sides?)


In Topic, we have explored different types of boats. We used construction materials to build boats to sit in. We used craft materials to build boats to race. We thought carefully about what we needed for a boat and our harbour is looking pretty impressive.


Keep up all the hard work Foundation!

Mrs Armitage on wheels


Exploring our new environment and making new friendships