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Watch us learn! - Photos

Following Instructions to make Cornflake Cakes

Jubilee Party

A surprise visitor 

There was nothing but excitement this week when we discovered that we had a caterpillar in our learning garden! 
We thought about where the caterpillar came from and where he would live. Under a microscope, we were able to observe it more closely. It reminded us of our story ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ 

Observing Tadpoles and exploring their life cycles 
We really enjoyed observing the Tadpoles and learning about how they grow and change. 
We knew they were tadpoles because they were small, swimming and had tails. Some of the tadpoles swam really quickly around the bucket and some were slower. In the bucket, we noticed that they liked the bits of leaves and twigs. 
After looking at the tadpoles, we spoke about how they needed to be returned back where they were found so that they could continue to grow and eventually become frogs! 

Meeting Mrs Highfields Tadpoles

Our Mud Kitchen

One of our favourite and most popular areas in our learning garden is the Mud Kitchen. 
In the kitchen, we have to use lots of our skills including scooping, pouring, mixing and pressing. 
We also have the opportunity to explore our senses. This week, we had lots of different teabags. We explored the smells of each teabag and watched how the colour of the water changed over time. 
We poured out of the kettle into the teacups and enjoyed our tea in the garden. 

Making tea

FS1 Easter Egg Hunt

KS1 Easter Egg Hunt

Working as a team, making sandwiches and planning a picnic

This week, we have been practising working together as a team to achieve a shared goal. Our goal was to work together to plan and create a picnic. We kind mapped our ideas of what we would need for a successful picnic and made sure we took turns to share and listen to others ideas. 
After that, we created a shopping list. We then independently followed a set of instructions to create our sandwiches. We had to be careful when using the knife. 
Finally, we found a sunny spot outside and enjoyed our sandwiches together. 

Spring is here!

This term, we have considered what Spring looks like. We have thought about the weather we usually expect to see in this season and the physical signs that are associated with the season. We have considered how these are different to the other seasons of the year.

Spring is here

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

After reading the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, we thought carefully about all the stages of a caterpillar’s life.

We split our plate into 4 parts and used craft materials to show the cycle. We used the language egg, leaf, caterpillar, chrysalis (Cacoon) and butterfly to describe each stage. We had a go at writing labels to match each stage too!

Mad about Minibeasts!

We have loved researching and learning more about the minibeasts in the environment around us! We have discussed what we already know about minibeasts and explored the names and characteristics of other new minibeasts. Looking outside in our learning garden, we were amazed to see how many insects also enjoyed spending time in FS2! We used the iPad to take pictures and recorded our discoveries on a minibeast checklist.

Some of us wanted to make homes for the insects we found and we thought carefully about what each minibeast would like to find in their habitat.

Searching for minibeasts and making bug hotels

Days of the week.

After reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, we realised that the caterpillar was eating something different every day. We have been learning about the days of the week and sequencing them.

We noticed that the days of the week ended with ‘ay’.

In Phonics, we know the ‘ai’ digraph but we briefly discussed this alternative digraph for the phoneme.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Days of the week

Weather Forecasting

Counting beyond 100 with magic beans

Measuring Jacks’s Beanstalk

Pancake Day in the Mud Kitchen

World Book Day 2022

Enablers Day - Saving our Planet

For our Enablers day this year, we have been looking at how we can protect our precious planet. 
We have focused on the Independence and Creativity. 
We watched a video that showed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and thought about how the pictures made us feel. Sad and disappointed were some of the feelings we felt! 
Thinking carefully about what we could do to stop the litter arriving in the ocean, we created posters to encourage others not to litter. Later, as a team, we went to litter pick around the school. We were shocked by what we found!


Chinese New Year 

Imaginary Role Play 

This half term, we are loving having a veterinary surgery in our class!
We have taken on the roles of vets, receptionists, pet owners and lots of different animals. Looking carefully at the pet and their X-ray, we have decided what is wrong with them and given them treatment.


Dear Zoo

In our class story of Dear Zoo, we have noticed that there is lots of repetition. 
we have practised spelling and recognising the tricky words they and he
Using invisible ink pens, we wrote secret notes using our tricky words. When reading challenging sentences, we quickly spotted those tricky words. 

The Colour Monster 

Over the last few weeks, we have thought carefully about what feelings and emotions we have. We have explored many questions and enjoyed The Colour Monster story.


What are emotions? 
Do we always feel the same? 
Is it okay to feel angry and sad? 
Can we be happy all the time?
How might you know what feelings someone feels? 


We have introduced mindful breathing and are practising Take 5 daily. After every Take 5 session, we discuss how we are feeling. 

Exploring the season in the mud kitchen

Our outdoor kitchen has been very busy. We have been collecting natural resources to make cakes and food for our cafe. Whilst making out cakes, we noticed that the trees were bare and all the leaves were on the floor. We also thought about how we need coats, hats and scarves to keep warm whilst outside! It must be winter.

It’s showtime!

wow! What a show. We loved watching the pantomime of Beauty and the Beast. We couldn’t stop laughing as it was so funny. Afterwards, we thought about how you can’t really know what someone is like just by looking at them. 

Swishy Swashy

In our story, 'We're going on a bear hunt', we noticed that there were many repeated refrains. 

Using instruments, we tried it make songs similar to those in the book.

We're going on a bear hunt!

We have been focusing our Literacy sessions on the story, 'We're going on a bear hunt'.

Following in the footsteps of the characters, we went on our very own bear hunt and met lots of new friends on our journey.

Each bear had a name tag so we had to segment each phoneme and blend them together to find out what the bear was called.