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Sensory Club


Our Sensory Club is run by school staff. Our aim is to provide a Creative Sensory Club designed to promote physical health and emotional wellbeing, to develop children’s personal and social skills, build their confidence and improve their self-esteem through the enjoyment of expressive, creative and recreational activities. 


Sensory Club is primarily for pupils with additional needs, low self-confidence or particular social or emotional issues, and priority is given to these pupils. Attendance is by invitation only but we aim to give as many children as possible the opportunity to join in the sessions during their time at Muskham. Each session includes activities using large construction kits, sensory equipment and soft play.  In addition, we offer a wide range of creative tactile activities which meet children’s sensory needs such as art and cooking.


This year, our sensory club will be run in the Summer term, using our new sensory garden (weather permitting!). There will be a sensory club for Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 in Summer 1 and a sensory club for Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 in Summer 2.

Sensory club

Parent feedback.


“I believe that the safe and friendly environment combined with the large range of enjoyable activities available at sensory club creates a brilliant sensory experience for the children.”


“This is a fabulous club, my children have enjoyed it immensely and this has contributed to a valuable learning experience for them.”


“When you walk in – the room has a happy, warm feel and you can see the children are happy.”


“My child’s decision making is quicker as a result of Sensory club.”


“X really enjoys the fact he can make his own decisions about what to do- and there is so much to do!”


“The main benefit has been encouraging him to play with his peers when he has had difficulty in the past. It has greatly enhanced his school experience.”


“Sensory club has benefitted her by enabling her to experience and enjoy activities not available with other after school clubs while still interacting with her schoolmates and familiar teachers.”


“Sensory club has been so much more than just a club because she has been able to talk her worries through with an adult whilst playing creatively.”


Pupil feedback


 “I love it. It’s like we are all friends together and there is no competition and it doesn’t matter if you aren’t very good at things like in class because we are all trying new stuff together.”


 “I forget my worries and feel really happy and relaxed. I like the fact we are with other age children.”


“ I loved everything but most the food.”