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Pictures - Watch Us Learn!

The Jolly Postman 

Over the past two weeks, we have been reading the story of the Jolly Postman. 
On his journey to deliver his post, he meets lots of characters! We have enjoyed crating story maps to show his journey and we have used these to help us retell and perform the story. Creating actions together, we have become very confident at performing the story to an audience. 

Our home corner has been a post office and we have enjoyed learning about the journey of our letters and parcels. We have wrapped parcels up up and written our own letters, post cards and invites. 

Using our construction materials, we have built the various homes that the Jolly Postman visited. Looking at the pictures, we noticed that castles, houses and cottages all look different. We had to think carefully about which blocks would be best to use and how to put them together. 

The language of More - Finding Cinderella’s shoes 
This week in Maths, we have been learning about the language of more and what that means. 
Cinderella had been for a stroll through our garden and lost many of her shoes. The postman called to tell us he’d seen 6 shoes. 
When we checked the garden, we realised that we’d found more than 8 shoes! 

The Smartest Giant in Town

Using small tools to cut our vegetables

Owl Babies Puppet

Diwali Diva Lamps

Weighing pumpkins

Gymnastics: Travelling on and over small equipment

Squiggle while you wiggle

Enablers Day

We have enjoyed finding out how Royal Mail organise and move their letters from place to place. We didn’t have a conveyor belt in school so we decided we needed to create one! 
We used the construction materials outside to create a ramp to move our letters. We noticed that some letters didn’t travel or slide very far so we attached the letters to a ball so the letters would roll. 
Depending on the height of the ramp, we noticed some letters travelled further than others. 
Once the letter had travelled, we organised them into our delivery bags.

Enablers Day 11.11.22

Practising our harder to read and spell words

Exploring positional language using the Beebots

Our Farmers Market

Exploring harvest vegetables using our senses

Talk4Writing: Owl Babies

Our First Day