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Learning Council

Welcome to Learning Council!


The Learning Council was established in 2015 as the 'pupil voice' for learning at Muskham Primary School. In 2018-19, we are being led by Miss Hamill.  We focus on how effective everyone can be as learners - learning through exploring, by being motivated and by being creative and critical thinkers.  We all want to be like this, which is what Learning Council is all about!


Our Learning Councillors for 2018 - 2019 are as follows:


Year 2 - Cooper Kay and Bella Priestley

Year 3 - Sam Langridge-Staines and Tabitha Harrison

Year 4 - Daniel Watson and Ruby Rae

Year 5 - Jacob Brookes and Fleur Parker

Year 6 - Evan Rogers and Natalie Lighten