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Class 5

The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q. Rauf

This is the story about how one ordinary nine-year-old child and three classmates are full of empathy for Ahmet, a new boy that comes to their school as a refugee from Syria (he is the boy at the back of the class).  Through their sensitivity, curiosity, ingenuity and bravery, they make a massive impact on Ahmet's life.  There is a lovely lack of stereotyping on gender and backstory for the narrator, which adds to the message of not judging people before you know them.  

Shadow by Michael Morpurgo

This is a moving story and one of my favourite books written by Michael Morpurgo: a story of courage, love and hope.  In this touching story friendship triumphs despite characters suffering the injustices of war, at home and away.  The story is told through three different viewpoints; Grandpa, Matt and Aman (Matt's friend).  Can Matt and his Grandpa save Aman?

Brightstorm by Vashti Hardy

Are you ready for an adventure?  Join the Brightstorm twins on their epic journey in their quest to reach the South Polaris. These brave siblings are tricked by villainous fiends and helped by those perceived as foes.  Once you start reading, you won't want to stop...