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Action Team

Our Councillors for 2018 - 2019 are:


Class 1 - Willem Hucknall and Gabi Redican

Class 2 - Sophia Shorrock and Harry Copeland 

Class 3  - Mirren MacNish and Mavi Deran

Class 4 - Ameile Cobb and Kieran Walker

Class 5 - Caitlin Cooke and Harry Whate

Class 6 - Ryley Kirk and Sophia Horsman

Comic Relief - Red Nose Day

Friday 15th March 2019


Thank you to the Action Team members who helped to unpack and share out the lovely cakes that were donated for Red Nose Day. Everyone enjoyed eating the cakes and biscuits during morning break. 


Our next meeting will take place in March where we will discuss:


  • The forthcoming NSPCC day
  • Fundraising ideas linked to the Colgate re-cycling programme called Terracycle. This involves collecting toothbrushes and packaging and we can raise money linked to the weight of collected items. We will need to tell the whole school about the project in Assembly and decide upon a collection zone/ box. 
  • T.towel fundraising idea. We need to choose colours and a border design. 


I will post the date of the next meeting on the Action Team board.

Thank you

Mrs. Goodwin


We had our first meeting on Thursday 27th September

We discussed some of the following ideas:


  • Fundraising ideas for NSPCC
  • Keeping the playground tidy
  • Raised bed for flowers in the playground
  • Painting the 'wall' in the playground
  • Children in Need